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Ink Therapy at a glance

Ink Therapy Tattoos also known as Ink Therapy Tattoo Parlour on most forums is a shop where you can expect quality work.  We are known for doing excellent work and treating the customer as if they were our own family. Our crew is made up of a variety of people with a multitude of talents that you would come to expect from a bunch as diverse as this crew. The work they do can be found in store or online. You can also find more of Ink Therapy Tattoos work on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and others.  Just look up Ink Therapy Tattoo Parlour. 

Walking into Ink Therapy is like walking into a horror movie!!! The memorabilia is amazing, almost every horror movie you could think of. Along side a talented group of artists and piercers. We strive to be the best and give the best efforts we can. We can accommodate to any style requested


Meet the crew of Ink Therapy Tattoos

Artist/manager -  Big E



Random crap about Ink Therapy you probably didn't want to know 

The sign... on the back of the car... said CRITTERS OF HOLLYWOOD YOU DUMB FUCK!!!

Silent Bob

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