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The shop minimum is $60 and goes up from there. Our hourly rate is $120 and can very from artist to artist. Tips are greatly appreciated!

All of the artist at Ink Therapy Tattoos are certified and licensed by the city/state, and have up to date BBP. We take great pride in our work and will give you nothing but our best!

Meet the Artists

Erik W.  (Big E) 

Erik has been tattooing for over 25 years an comes with a lot of talent and experience. He learned from his Uncle the great R.J. Rosini and his cousin James Rosini, both of the Gypsy Tour in Sturgis. He has many styles he can do. He also can pierce and has been doing that just as long as tattooing and has been known to teach someone to do it now and then. He has a wicked sense of humor so be expected to laugh your ass off when he is around. 

His styles include but not limited to are

Black and gray






master at cover ups and fixing old tattoos

Visit the gallery to see his work and the other artist as well.

Fun Facts

Erik was born in Colorado and is native to the state.

 He started Ink Therapy in 2016

His Uncle is R.J. Rosini

His cousin is James Rosini

He works at a dispensary part time (ask yourself)

Been tattooing/piercing 25+ years

He once lost the only phone to the shop and had to buy a new one because he couldn't find it........then found it 2 hours after buying new one.

Favorite movie:   Friday the 13th

Favorite music:  Metal/rock

Favorite food:  Cereal or Italian/Mexican 

(check events and promotions about free tattoos)

Fun Facts:



Fun Facts :

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